These are the outcomes developed within the project. 

Review of Existing ePortfolio Policies and Practices

Full text in English

Full text in Greek

Full text in Lithuanian

Short version in English

Short version in German

Short version in Lithuanian

Short version in Bulgarian

Short version in Slovenian


EUfolio Process Specificaton

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EUfolio Generic Functional Specification

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Quality Assurance Plan for Assessment Operations

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Trainers Booklet

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EUfolio CPD Resources Portal

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Blended Learning Course: Using ePortfolios and Digital Tools for Assessment

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Data Collection Toolkit

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Pilot Evaluation Results

English | Slovenian | Lithuanian | Greek

ePortfolio Implementation Guide for Policymakers and Practitioners

English | Slovenian | Lithuanian | Greek | Spanish | Bulgarian | German

ePortfolio of a Student. Experiences and ideas of the Slovenian teachers in the EUfolio project

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