Mahara UK Report

John, Ben and Sinéad (Ireland partners) representing EUFolio presented at the Mahara UK Conference 2014 Friday 18th July. Their presentation was entitled ‘EUFolio: Using ePortfolios to Develop Assessment Practice’

It outlined how the EUFolio project draws on the synergy between formative assessment and digital technologies through the use of ePortfolios (including Mahara) in the English language classroom, thereby promoting and building capacity in assessment practices. 

The presentation detailed how the project analysed current assessment discourse and supports teachers in incorporating such assessment practices into planning, teaching and learning in the English Language classroom using the ePortfolios. They explained how the project has worked with teachers in authentic classroom settings in order to ascertain the potential of the e-portfolio platform in supporting assessment.  Throughout the pilot phase, teachers and students have worked collaboratively to develop valid, reliable and consistent assessment tasks and the ePortfolio platform has been used to promote formative feedback, peer assessment and student reflection. 

There was huge interest in the presentation as over the two days, it was the only presentation to look at the practical implications of ePortfolios in the second level classroom and it generated much discussion on twitter, with wide praise for the CPD approach used to support teachers in the project.

EUfolio project presented at the 2013 EDUCA Conference in Berlin

Representatives from Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI): Anastasia Economou and Antri Avraamidou will represent EUfolio project at the 19th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training on the 4 – 6 December 2013 in Berlin. Online EDUCA Berlin is the event for learning professionals to discover innovative solutions, absorb new thinking and bring home ideas in order to take action, implementing change in the field of learning and technology.

Read more about the Conference:

Second Project meeting in Krems, Austria

EUfolio project Consortium met for the second time on the 21st and 22nd of October in Danube University Krems in Austria. Representatives from all 7 partner countries (Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus and Spain) participated in the project meeting.

Main Agenda points:

  • Review and analyse Policy & Practice Review research paper.
  • Prepare for the pilot testing process design and implementation across 5 EU partner countries: Ireland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Lithuania and Spain.
  • Discuss development of the ePortfolio Open Source and Microsoft based platforms.

Project partners also agreed on final numbers for the ePortfolio pilot testing:

Ireland – 25 schools

Cyprus – 8 schools

Slovenia – 15 schools

Lithuania – 10 schools

Spain - 8 schools

EUfolio Train the Trainer Workshops

Train the Trainer workshops have been held in Danube University Krems during the second EUfolio project meeting. Trainers from all 7 partner countries were present and took active part in the training workshops prepared by the Cyprus Institute of Pedagogy (CPI).

Continuous Professional Development materials for trainers developed by CPI were used and evaluated in preparation for the pilot testing activities that will commence in January 2014.

Participants received training on Mahara platform, were introduced to the concepts of ePortfolios for formative assessment and developed their own ePortfolios. Trainers that participated in the workshops will plan the use of ePortfolios within their pilot schools and will take part in introductory activities for the pilot phase in January 2014.

It was important for the project Consortium that workshop participants had a clear understanding of what ePortfolio means and the process for the teacher and the learner. Therefore emphasis had been given on the process that the learner will go through when using an ePortfolio (e.g. criteria of selecting work, self-assessment, feedback and validation of work).

This face-to-face training seminar will be followed by series of self-directed online training activities.

Department of Education & Skills Hosts First Meeting Of The European ePortfolio Project Group

The Department of Education & Skills has hosted the first meeting of the European ePortfolio project consortium.The project is a trial of the use of ePortfolios in teaching, learning and assessment. An e-portfolio, or digital portfolio, is a collection of electronic material which can include texts, electronic files and images.

Working with Ireland on this European project are representatives from Ministries of Education and their agencies in six countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain. Representatives from all seven countries have been meeting over the past two days (9th and 10th May).

The seven-country consortium was successful in applying for a grant under the European Commission’s “Creative Classrooms” call for proposals. This project is estimated at just over €1million, with the EU providing funding of €790.000.

Read more: Department of Education & Skills Hosts First Meeting Of The European ePortfolio Project Group




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