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EUfolio is a collaboration of 14 partners from Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain and Austria. The idea for EUfolio project came from the ‘ICT and education’ Working Group created under the “Education and Training 2020” programme, a network that includes 24 representatives from EU Ministries.  


A number of member organisations came together with the common interest of implementing electronic portfolios as part of the ICT in education policy agenda at national level. The policy expert group partnered with researchers, educators and practitioners and secured funding from the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA1 - Implementation of the European strategic objectives in Education and Training) under the leadership of the Department of Education and Skills (DES) in Ireland.


Over the course of the EUfolio project, Partners designed, carried out and evaluated a pilot implementation of ePortfolios for teaching, learning and assessment in schools in Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain. The pilot was a “policy experimentation” from which policymakers will be able to draw valuable real-world lessons. The hope is that following this pilot project, both policymakers and practitioners will encourage the use of ICT (specifically the ePortfolio approach) in teaching, learning and assessment. Allowing for different approaches in different contexts and taking account of practical resource constraints, the EUfolio participants included 3,759 students and 200 teachers across the pilot countries.


Towards the end of the project, the EUfolio team moved to capture the learning from the project, the evidence for the efficacy of ePortfolios in teaching, learning and assessment. The team also moved to capture strategies of effective practice, sustainable implementation and consistent management.


The team set ambitious goals when embarking on this journey almost two years ago. A vast amount of work was completed, many successes were achieved  and many challenges were encountered too. We will continue our work beyond the project and hope that our combined knowledge will be useful for other organisations and countries across Europe.


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