• ePortfolios
    In the curriculum
    The success of implementing eportfolios into a curriculum
    depends upon the systems and process becoming part of an
    integrated experience.
  • EU Classroom ePortfolios
    Transforming classroom practice
    Five pilot ePortfolio exercises in Ireland,
    Slovenia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Spain.
  • Digital Reflections
    Learning journey
    The content and nature of the
    ePortfolio grows over time with the age,
    experience and maturity of the learner.
  • Motivation and Engagement
    Developing learners’ self-esteem
    Learners develop a positive attitude to their
    learning through having ownership, control,
    and direction of the learning journey.

ePortfolio approach has the potential to act as a strategic catalyst for promoting the integration of ICT in teaching and learning in national education systems.


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